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100% Canadian Icewine from the Niagara Peninsula in Ontario made by a Slovak family. Exceptional taste and a very rare product that can not be produced every winter but you can enjoy it year-round.
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In our Canadian vineyards we grow rare varieties for Icewine - Cabernet and Vidal - with exceptional taste, which a real wine lover will always recognize and appreciate.
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About Icewine

Icewine is a rare and extraordinary product that is believed to have been first produced by the Romans. Not until 1794 do we have a concrete record of this treasure being made.

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Our Story

The Knizat Family began farming grapes in Niagara-on-the-Lake in 2001. This unique location on the shores of Lake Ontario allows us to produce Icewine juice from our vineyards that cannot be attained almost anywhere else in the world.

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From our Canadian Vineyards to the World

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We are the only official distributor of Canadian Icewine, Buffalo Hunter Winery.
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You can finally experience the taste of Icewine simply by ordering a bottle through the order form.
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For restaurants that want to offer exceptional wine, we offer special conditions. Contact us.
We offer our Buffalo Hunter Winery Cabernet and Vidal Icewines. Once you taste them, you will understand why we fell in love with these Canadian flavors and scents of Icewine.
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